HR mag: Employers should offer outplacement

by Morag Lyall

Employers have been advised to offer outplacement services to staff that they make redundant.

Sian Harrington, editor of HR magazine called it a "valuable service".

"In terms of the bigger picture for employers, employees who leave a company having received such a service tend to think more highly of the company and will still recommend it as a good place to work," she explained.

Businesses could offer the service in their initial employment contract, as Ms Harrington noted that on arriving at a company it gives employees the feeling "that this company is going to support you".

Her comments come as research by recruitment firm Hays found that employers and employees are calling for outplacement and career transition services to be a compulsory part of all redundancies.

This would include career guidance, CV or interview advice.

It showed that almost two-thirds of employers believed that the government should offer funding to help firms provide these services.

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Published on: May 27, 2010

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