Could health programmes cut business costs?

by Christopher Evans

Introducing health programmes for staff could reduce absence and cut business costs, one organisation has claimed.

Maria Bourke, founder of Let's Get Healthy, which organises programmes for workplaces, said: "We've had cases where businesses that have used our programmes, their absence has gone from eight per cent down to 3.5 per cent, saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds."

This could lead some business owners to train new staff after they complete their employment contracts.

Research from Business in the Community found that boosting staff wellbeing can improve financial performance after examining FTSE 100 companies and their employee health issues.

Ms Bourke added that by assigning a "health champion", then staff are "more likely to talk to someone in their peer group than management about health issues".

Absences can be a cause of worry for small businesses as it can be expensive to hire temporary workers.

However, employees have money worries about being sick too.

Aviva revealed that 68 per cent of employees said family finances was their key concern when on sick leave.

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Published on: May 14, 2010

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