Communication the key, says legal expert

by Rachel Crook

Employers who have to make staff redundant frequently get into trouble because they do not communicate well enough with staff, it has been stated.

Legal expert Pamela Rogerson wrote in the Manchester Evening News that this factor leads to many unfair dismissal claims, remarking: "This does not just affect consultation, but also the failure of employers to inform employees their jobs could be at risk."

She noted that poor communication has led to problems such as employees believing their jobs were safe after action such as pay freezes has been taken when this has not been the case.

Companies may wish to offer voluntary redundancy before resorting to compulsion.

This has been attempted by British Airways as it seeks to negotiate a settlement with unions over job losses, although the airline has warned it cannot guarantee there will not be compulsory redundancies.

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Published on: June 9, 2009

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