Visteon employees get better redundancy package

Employees of car parts maker Visteon have managed to secure better redundancy terms after weeks of protests.

Over 600 sacked workers at the firm's plants in Belfast, Basildon and Enfield have managed to improve their payouts after they lost their jobs when the company went into administration in March.

Workers in Belfast staged a sit-in for seven weeks before the deal was struck.

Such a situation could potentially threaten those running businesses who may have to make employees redundant.

Those faced with such decisions may use Lawpack's Redundancy Procedure in order to avoid protracted disputes or possible legal action.

Redundancies have been made by numerous companies as unemployment has risen during the recession.

In its latest analysis of the UK economy, the International Monetary Fund said the slowdown was losing pace, but said there is an "uncertain employment outlook" for the country.

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Published on: May 20, 2009

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