Employers warned over redundancy actions

by Rachel Crook

Mishandling the issue of redundancy can leave those running businesses facing legal action, an expert has warned.

Writing for the BBC, employment law expert Martin Edwards said there are a number of common errors made by bosses when letting staff go, which can lead to court action and unfair dismissal payments of up to £66,200.

Among risky moves he listed were dismissals because of attendance issues - which can have disability discrimination law repercussions, or not consulting the employee beforehand.

Others were making subjective judgements on who to dismiss and failing to consider alternatives to redundancy like reduced hours.

Those who may need to make redundancies could be helped by picking up a pack on the legal issues of company management, such as employment contract matters.

A large number of people have been suffering redundancies across Britain due to the recession.

In one of the latest cases, 400 are to lose their jobs after builders Wrekin Construction went into administration.

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Published on: March 12, 2009

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