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Adoption of Trading Name

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A form resolving to adopt a trading name.

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Legal Changes: This Adoption of Trading Name Form has been updated to include the Companies Act law changes which occurred on 1st October 2009. 

A form resolving to adopt a trading name.

A company may want to trade under a different name from its corporate name. This name is called a 'trading name'.

This resolution records the decision of the company to use a trading name.

The form is designed to be used as written resolution without holding a board meeting. In order to avoid a meeting it is necessary that:

  • the articles of association allow board resolutions which are signed by the directors;
  • the resolution is signed by all the directors entitled to receive notice of a meeting of directors;
  • the resolution is dated with the date on which it is signed by the last of the directors to sign and is then placed in the company's Minute Book.

If the above conditions are not satisfied, it will be necessary to hold a meeting.

Although written resolutions must be signed by every director, they may sign separate copies and the resolutions will then be effective when the last one signs and sends it back to the secretary; a fax may be sent, but the original must also be sent afterwards.

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Adoption of trading name product image
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