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Established in 1993, Lawpack is the UK’s leading provider of legal forms and DIY legal kits. We also produce a range of legal guides and have just launched our new legal services, which can help you to write a Will and get a divorce.

Our aim is to help you save hundreds of pounds in costly solicitor’s fees by using our easy-to-use forms, kits and services. In areas such as wills, tenancy, divorce, power of attorney and business contracts, we can help you to get things done with minimum fuss, time and expense.

The main message behind our products is that it can be more cost-effective to draw up your own documents – a simple Will, say, or a standard tenancy agreement yourself – than go to a solicitor.

And if your situation is a little more complex and you need further expert guidance, then our legal services, such as our Bespoke Will and Managed Divorce Services, can give you the peace of mind of being hand-held through the process, but still at a discount price.

5 reasons to shop with us

  • Products approved by lawyers
  • Forms, kits and services up to date
  • Money-back guarantee on paper products
  • Free delivery on all orders over £19
  • Secure ordering

Solicitor approved and up to date

When using Lawpack’s range you can rely on the fact that all of our products are approved by lawyers, so you can be assured that they are up to date.

Lawpack has a wide range of legal forms and all of them:

  • Have been approved by expert solicitors
  • Are reviewed by lawyers on a regular basis
  • Include expert guidance notes on filling them in
  • Can be downloaded from our website instantly

Our bestselling range of DIY Kits – also available in WHSmith and Staples – provide:

  • Legal forms (paper and downloadable) approved by expert solicitors
  • A detailed Guidance Manual, written by a lawyer, providing background information and expert guidance on completing the legal forms
  • Content reviewed by specialist lawyers on a regular basis
  • An update service for any legal changes or alteration to legal forms

All of our legal guides are:

  • Written by specialist authors who are experts in their field
  • Clear step-by-step guides, packed with tips and easy-to-follow legal advice

And for our new legal services we have teamed up with our trusted partners:

  • Top 10 UK law firm Irwin Mitchell for our Will writing services
  • The largest single divorce service in Europe, Divorce Online

Money-back guarantee and delivery

Lawpack can also assure you that our paper products are posted to you quickly from our on-site warehouse and we’re happy to help if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase:

  • Money-back guarantee on all paper products
  • Free delivery on all orders over £19
  • Next working day dispatch guaranteed

Note: Our money-back guarantee is only available on our paper products and is not applicable for downloads or services.

If you’re not happy with your paper product and you return it to us with your receipt within 30 days, we will be happy to give you a full refund.

Secure ordering

When ordering from Lawpack, your card details are processed by WorldPay so you can trust that they are safe and secure.

Your details are encrypted throughout the whole buying process – from your computer, via WorldPay, to your bank.

When you click though to WorldPay to place an order (i.e. when you click the Buy Now’ button), you go straight into WorldPay’s SSL secure ordering environment before you have given any of your personal details or chosen what card to pay with.

The security of WorldPay’s ordering system is indicated by a padlock at the bottom of your browser window.

Start saving legal fees with Lawpack today.

Published on: February 10, 2012

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